Summer Opportunities

Summer Camp Mission Opportunities

Jamaica Christian Mission has operated a summer camp program for the young people of Jamaica for many years. Currently there are three weeks of camp, in which young people of all ages can take advantage.

These programs are run by various mission staff, preachers from across Jamaica, and various members of the congregations. But even with the help of these capable people, what makes the summer programs a success is the help of various youth groups and others from the U.S. who head to the island to lend a hand for a week.

Folks from your congregation are needed to assist in summer camp in Jamaica. If you would like more information on this great opportunity, please contact:

Dewey Garner: 8261 Forest Lake Drive, Conway SC 29526, 614-361-1283

He will send you a packet in the mail with all the information you and your congregation will need.

Opportunity to Send a Jamaican to Summer Camp

While the costs for a week of camp in Jamaica are not high, it can be a great burden for some parents to raise enough funds to get their child or children to Kingston for this opportunity. The cost per child for a week of camp is currently $65 American.

One way to ensure everyone attends who would like to is to have folks sponsor a child or two for a week of camp. This is very easy to accomplish. Just send a check for $65 for each child you would like to sponsor to:

Jamaica Christian Mission, P.O. Box 14009, Columbus, OH 43214

This is a great opportunity for individuals, Sunday School classes, Youth Groups, Ladies Groups, etc. to get involved with the mission work in Jamaica!

Other Mission Trip Opportunities in Jamaica

Summer Camp is only one of the many opportunities for mission trips to Jamaica. There is any number of activities one could be involved in. They include day or evening VBS programs … building programs for both new work and renovation of existing church buildings … various repair possibilities at the mission compound in Kingston … preaching and teaching opportunities … and lots more!

Mission trips can be arranged for individuals, couples, youth groups, and other groups of just about any size.

For more info on these trips, please contact:

Dewey Garner: 8261 Forest Lake Drive, Conway SC 29526, 614-361-1283

You will be sent a packet that will include all the information you need. Thanks for making this a prayerful consideration.